Friday, 17 February 2012

How do WE as a community can help the Tamil schools in our area?

Dear brothers & sisters,

We need to stop double standard policies which instrumental towards extinction of Tamil schools in Malaysia. Let we synergy purity of minds & thoughts for the future of Tamil schools in Malaysia. We need intellectual and visionary people in the “Board of Governors” for the progressive of Tamil schools reformation and development.

We recently in collaboration with the Tamil Foundation had organized a special forum on the establishment of "Board of Governors" for Tamil schools in Penang. Representatives from 13 Tamil schools attended this forum and they consist of Head masters, Senior Assistants, Ex-School Headmasters, Ex PPD and JPN inspectors, PTA members, NGO representatives, and former Tamil schools students. ( This iniciative is one of our stepping stone under the 5 years Tamil Schools Development Project.

The Board of Governors is one of the great pillars of an effectively functioning SJK schools. It is provided for in the Education Act and required to be set up by the respective authorities who are the trustees of the Schools. Boards of Governors have rights and responsibilities which have to be reclaimed and rejuvenated for the benefit of the SJK Schools.

*Function of "Board of Governors" :- For better governance, the Board can set up subcommittees to look into various areas of governance, for example:

(i)   Finance and Administration
(ii)  Building Maintenance and Development
(iii) Student and Staff Welfare
(iv) Co-curricular enhancement, Living Skills, enrichment, etc.
(v)  Cultural development

Now the question is, how do WE as a community can help the Tamil schools in our area?

Akta Pendidikan 1996
Bab 11—Pengurusan Institusi Pendidikan 
53. Suratcara pengelolaan bagi institusi pendidikan.

(1) Tertakluk kepada peruntukan Akta ini, tiap-tiap institusi pendidikan hendaklah mempunyai suratcara pengelolaan.
(2) Tiap-tiap suratcara pengelolaan hendaklah mengadakan peruntukan bagi penubuhan suatu lembaga pengelola, dengan seorang pengerusi, bagi pengurusan institusi pendidikan itu oleh pengelola-pengelola mengikut cara yang tidak tak konsisten dengan Akta ini dan mana-mana peraturan yang dibuat di bawah Akta ini.

So, with the reference of the Education Act 1996, we has decided to form "Board of Governors" in 24 Tamil Schools in Penang. Currently we are looking for Activists, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, M & E Engineers and Businessman to be members in “Board of Governors” which will be formed in 24 Tamil Schools in Penang. We believe that this targeted group can help in transforming the Tamil schools into first class schools in the next five years. With a robust roadmap, the small Indian community in Penang will be able to protect, preserve and conserve the Tamil Primary Education System. 

Please come forward and support. YOU too can be part of the reformation success. Please contact Mr. Sathis 012 5902949 / Mr. Kana 0174155449 for further information or kindly fill up the attached form and send back to us so that we can do our best part to assist you.

You must be the change you want to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Dengan wujudnya 'Lembaga Pengurus Sekolah' di setiap sekolah Tamil, sekolah-sekolah Tamil akan dapat terus maju kearah pembangunan seperti sekolah-sekolah Cina.

Kami mengalu-alukan orang ramai mengambil bahagian dalam Lembaga Pengurus Sekolah secara aktif demi masa depan anak-anak kita.

Hidup Sekolah Tamil !

Important : Kindly Spread this message among your friends and colleagues in Penang!

செர்டாங் தமிழ்ப்பள்ளியின் புதிய கட்டிடத்திற்கான மானியத்தை பள்ளி மேலாளர் வாரியத்திடம் வழங்குக!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Board of Governors for Tamil Schools

In an effort to bring changes to Tamil schools, we as a community volunteers has taken yet another initiative along with the Tamil Foundation to organize a special forum to establish Board of Governors for all Tamil schools in Penang.

This special forum was held on Sunday 12th February 2012 at the first floor, Pelita Restaurant,Autocity Juru, Penang.The Ceremony began right at 4.00 pm and ended at 7.30 pm. Out of the 28 Tamil schools in Penang, 13 schools have been represented to this forum by headmasters, PTA chairmens and members of the public from NGOs.
Dr.Muniandy Narasimman as the first speaker representing the Tamil Foundation has given informations on how to set up a board of governors for Tamil schools.

After the tea break at 5pm, the forum continued with presentations by second speaker Mr.Thiyagarajan from Tamil foundation on the latest issues of the Tamil schools which has a board of governor and the benefits to be achieved if the board was established. After his speech, Mr.Murugaiyan from Tamiliyal Naduvam has shared some tips on how to handle some of the issues plaguing the Tamil schools.

Forum continues with the final speech from the Hindraf adviser Mr.Ganesan, where he argued that tamil schools issues should be given more serious attention by all parties. So, Hindraf is always ready to fight for Tamil schools to get equal rights to strengthen the Tamil education system in this country. He also stressed that, to achieve these objectives Hindraf is ready to cooperate with any party that aligned with the objectives of Hindraf.

Finally, Penang Hindraf co-ordinator Mr.Kalayselvam introduced to the audience a new website that will provide news about the latest developments of Tamil School's Board of Governors. Forum continued with a question and answer session and ended exactly at 7.30 pm.

"Stop Tamil Schools Extinction, Now or Never!"

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Forum Khas 'Lembaga Pengurus Sekolah'

Sebuah Forum Khas akan dianjurkan di Pulau Pinang berkenaan dengan Penubuhan 'Lembaga Pengurus Sekolah' bagi sekolah-sekolah Tamil. Forum ini akan berlangsung pada Hari Ahad 12/02/2012 yang akan bermula pada pukul 3.30 petang di Tingkat 1, Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita, Autocity Juru, Pulau Pinang. Kami menjemput Persatuan-persatuan bekas murid sekolah Tamil, Pengerusi-pengersui serta ahli-ahli PIBG, Ibu-Bapa, Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Awam (NGO) dan orang awam untuk menghadiri forum yang penuh bermakna ini. 

Kami berharap dengan wujudnya 'Lembaga Pengurus Sekolah' di setiap sekolah Tamil, sekolah-sekolah Tamil akan dapat terus maju kearah pembangunan seperti sekolah-sekolah Cina.
Kami mengalu-alukan orang ramai mengambil bahagian dalam Lembaga secara aktif demi masa depan anak-anak kita.

Hidup Sekolah Tamil!

- Sila rujuk risalah dibawah untuk maklumat lanjut. Sila sebarkan berita ini kepada kawan-kawan anda khususnya yang berada di Negeri Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Utara Perak.