Monday, 9 July 2012

Tamil school in dire straits

GEORGE TOWN: Touted as being the best Tamil school in the state when it comes to UPSR results, SJK(T) Subramaniya Barathee has been falling apart for the past two decades.
“We just cope,” said the school's senior assistant, V. Sukuna Vathi.
There are 223 students and 20 teachers in the five-classroom school.
The premises, which include containers used as classrooms, a canteen with a leaky roof and a building that houses the staff room, are rundown and crammed.
In a sorry state: The condition of SJK(T) Subramaniya Barathee in Glugor has been deteriorating for the past 20 years.
Students cannot use the canteen when it rains and spend recess in their classrooms.
To make matters worse, the school was broken into on Sunday while teachers and students were at the City Stadium for their sports day.
Losses, including a television set, personal gadgets and petty cash belonging to the staff, were reported to be around RM2,000.
He added that he would speak to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak about improving the condition of Tamil schools nationwide.